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Yoga for riders

There are many benefits of yoga and several of them can also make you a better rider! We offer our guests rider specific yoga sessions where function is prioritized over form. You don’t have to be an experienced yoga practitioner to join, we build from where we are!



Many times, we need to reprogram ourselves to create new movement patterns (on/off the horse) as the old ones might not serve us. Our yoga sessions focus on creating awareness of our patterns, how they serve us and what can easily be changed so that the riding becomes more functional and that the harmony with the horse comes easier.



Many of us need to work on create the right musculature to combine the stability of the core with mobility in other part of your bodies while riding. Our everyday patterns might not help and areas that might need attention are for example hip flexors, calves/ankles and shoulders.



In order to be an efficient rider you need to find stability in your seat and that is mainly done by activating the core. Yoga is a great way to build the strength required to absorb and match the force the horse generates as it moves.  



Your thoughts affect your riding and what you think also directly affect your horse. Through yoga you become aware of your thoughts and can learn how to control them.



The breath is key for many things; it is the gateway to the core but it is also a tool for relaxing yourself – and the horse! The way we live we forget how to breathe and therefore lose the benefits of the breath, which you can reconnect with by practicing yoga.



Sustainable Riding


Many riders suffer from back pain. One reason can be as a result of having strived to sit up tall. Learn how you can become sustainable in your riding and last longer!



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