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Padel & tennis

Play unlimited padel and tennis, private chef and house by the beach

bookable dates:

October 14-18 beach house 

Stay tune for 2024 


A Padel retreat to remeber

This is the perfect retreat for you and your friends! Play as much padel as you wish, train with amazing professional trainers, meet our wonderful local club members and why not join some of the after play parties at the club? You live in our amazing villas with pool (click here) and walking distance to the sea. 

The club

Welcome to play tennis and padel at luxury courts in Alcanar. With its 6 padel courts, 4 tennis courts, swimming pool, gym and yoga facility you will not be missing out on anything! Your play pass allows you to stay for as many hours as you wish. They courts are located 10-15 minutes by car from the court. We can arrange transport or you hire your own car at the airport for more flexibility! 


Suggested programs

This is your holiday! You decide how many hours your want to play, if you want a trainer or just play within your group. From experience we suggest:


Arrival day 1

Play a soft after flight game

Welcome dinner with wine and good night

Day 2 & 3 

Holiday breakfast made by our chef 

Padel/tennis lesson 

Game time! 

Late Spanish lunch 


Relax, massages, beach, pool or more play! 

Dinner by our chef! 

Day 4

Holiday breakfast and hasta luego! 

Booking & Price

Step 1

You choose a date when you and your friends can come (min. 8 ppl)

Step 2

You choose one of our two wonderful houses 

Step 3

You contact us with a date and wish for house! After we confirm availability the date is yours! 


Between 599-949 Euro

The price depends on how many days you want to stay with us, how many lessons you want and if you want our amazing chef to cook your meals! 

Contact us and we tell you more! 



We love our guests! 

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