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Padel & tennis camp

Welcome to our vibrant Padel and Tennis Camp, where every serve and rally is infused with passion and precision! Situated 5-10 minutes from our villas and hotels our clubs promises unforgettable experiences for Padel and Tennis aficionados alike. Here, the choice is yours to make. Whether you're in the mood for a laid-back match or seeking guidance from our English-speaking coaches, we're here to help. Our well-maintained courts provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable holiday filled with fun and excitement. Both clubs has a bar for a cold treat after play, and for those with a competitive edge, we're thrilled to organize tournaments where you can showcase your skills against local players.


A padel & tennis camp to remember

Picture yourself in one of our beautiful beach houses or cozy hotels, with endless activities at your fingertips.

Start your day with a game of Padel in the morning, then choose from a variety of options like hiking, Padel surfing, a relaxing massage, or perhaps a rejuvenating yoga or Pilates session. We're all about customizing your experience to suit your preferences.

And let's not forget the added extras! Indulge in a wine tasting, sample some delicious cheeses, or explore our range of additional activities. Your holiday is our passion, and we're dedicated to ensuring every moment is filled with joy and relaxation

Our villas  

Vinaros Tennis club

In Vinaros, you find yourself in the charm of a local club with a rich tradition. With a variety of tennis clay courts, padel courts, and essential amenities including a restaurant, it's a perfect blend of recreation and relaxation. From 8 clay tennis courts to 6 padel courts with artificial grass, plus a fronton court, our facilities cater to every player's preference. Just a 12-minute drive away from our best villa! 

8 Clay Tennis Courts.

1 Porous Concrete Tennis Court.

1 Artificial Grass Tennis Court.

1 Fronton Court.

6 Padel Courts with Artificial Grass (two of them with glass walls).

1 Squash Court.

1 7-a-side Football Field with artificial turf.

1 Swimming Pool with garden area.

1 Gymnasium.

Ping pong room.

Pétanque area.

Children's garden.

Social club with restaurant.

Free parking.

The Vinaròs Tennis Club has been one of the best places in this city for racket sports for 47 years, with an area of ​​over 21,500 m2 in a natural environment that makes it an unbeatable option to disconnect from daily life and enjoy exercising in a healthy and pleasant atmosphere.

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Suggested programs

This is your holiday! You decide how many hours your want to play, if you want a trainer or just play within your group. From experience we suggest:


Arrival day 1

Play a soft after flight game

Welcome dinner with wine and good night

Day 2 & 3 

Holiday breakfast made by our chef 

Padel/tennis lesson 

Game time! 

Late Spanish lunch 


Relax, massages, beach, pool or more play! 

Dinner by our chef! 

Day 4

Holiday breakfast and hasta luego! 

Booking & Price

Step 1

You choose a date when you and your friends can come (min. 8 ppl for villa and chef option)

Step 2

You choose one of our two wonderful houses 

Step 3

You contact us with a date and wish for house! After we confirm availability the date is yours! 


Between 599-949 Euro

The price depends on how many days you want to stay with us, how many lessons you want and if you want our amazing chef to cook your meals! 

Contact us and we tell you more! 



We love our guests! 

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