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Team bulding

Plan your team escape with us! We host smaller groups from 8-20 guests. You can choose to how long you stay, if you want our luxury villas or rural hotels. We will take your group on team building adventures combined with the best local food and wine.  

Popular activities are climbing, rafting, MTB, padel, kite surf, sailing, oyster bars and cooking lessons! 


suggested program

Day 1

welcome toast with Spanish cava

team building event in the garden(archery, CrossFit, yoga or combat with arrows) 

welcome dinner 

good night 

Day 2 

breakfast at the house/hotel 

mountain adventure with hiking or cycling

picnic lunch 

siesta and relax 

massages or other services 

wine tasting with tapas 

live music and drinks 


good night 

day 3 

pre-breakfast work out at the house 


beach activity (surf, padel surf, kayak or other) 

lunch at a restaurant 

spare time 

cheese tasting with 9 cheeses 



good night 

day 4 


boat trip


check out 

hasta luego! 


we find something for everyone

Our team-building weekends are amazing because they offer something for everyone. Whether your team member are the sporty types, the relaxed souls, or the adventurous spirit, there's is always one activity that they will love. Come together, bond, and create lasting memories with your team, no matter your preferences!


We love our guest 

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