Welcome to us

We want to share a piece of our passion!


Matilda, Oscar, Ronja and Sebastian

Azahar Adventure is a family business run by us, Matilda Axelsson and Oscar Fernandéz Selg and our two kids, Ronja and Sebastian (and our whole Spanish network!). We want you to experience what we have loved since first setting our foot in the area. Our passion for Costa del Azahar and sports makes a perfect combination to share with the rest of world!


Matilda is working actively with all operations and Oscar has a support function. 

Our idea! 

Forget about over crowded all-inclusive hotels and drunk tourists. Here we offer you a chance to spend time where the locals go, and learn from their many years of experience. All our partners live with their business all year around. Together with them we carefully set up each program to match both their visions and ours.

Thanks to being a small business and having great relationships with our partners, we can be flexible and make the impossible happen!

Kind regards,

Matilda, Oscar, Ronja and Sebastian