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Finding Azahar Adventures

The journey from the airport is beautiful and our locations are easy to find. You will drive through orange trees and olive groves, with the sea on one side and the mountains on the other.

If you are joining us for the Friesian horse riding, we are located in San Carlos de la Rapita and Cases de alcanar and if you are here for the tennis course we are located in Vinaroz. Both places are located between the big cities of Barcelona and Valencia.

There are several airports and train stations close to us and you can take either car, train or bus directly from the airport.



Valencia: 150-170km

Barcelona: 170-200km

Reus: 80-110

Castellon: 50-80km

Country Drive

Car Rental

We recommend that you hire a car at the airport. This gives you a flexibility if you want to explore Costa del Azahar by yourself. 

The roads are very safe and easy to navigate. If choosing the AP-7 you will find very little traffic.



By request we can book a taxi to your destination. 


The price varies between 200-250 Euro for a full taxi, therefore we recommend car sharing for price efficiency. Of course we assist you with this. 

Train Station

Train and bus stations

Going by train is both cost and time efficient and of course the most environmentally friendly way of transportation.

From Valencia airport,

you take the metro/bus to the train station Estacio Del Nord and get off at Vinaros. We will arrange pick up to your house.

  • Duration: 2h 5min

  • Cost: 15-20 Euro

From Barcelona airport,

Smooth to take the bus right from the terminal to Cases de Alcanar. Book here 

you take the train from El Prat airport to Sans. There you will find a direct train to Vinaros where we arrange pick up to your house.

  • Duration: 2h 22 minutes

  • Cost: 22 Euro

Book here

You can always contact us if you need help finding your way, we are happy assist! Once you are in transit we will contact you regarding pick up details and timings. 


Look forward to see you in Costa del Azahar!

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